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Issue 2 - After After

Open Discussion about After Crisis (May 2011)

With issue 2 we would like to widen the debate around the main topics raised in the book AFTER CRISIS by gathering the opinions of the selected group of relevant people worldwide, in form of short skype video interviews. We ask question concerning two possible new paradigms for architecture we have detected after the bursting of the financial bubble: the resurection of the crafsmanship and the fascination with energy (Sustainability,Ecology...)

Issue 2 - After After Allen Stan Videos

Stan Allen

If we look at the political landscape today everything is being played out over questions of borders and boundaries. As architects our expertise lies much more in the creation of borders and boundaries, in the establishment of limits than it does in the dissolution of those limits. That kind of...

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Issue 2 - After After Gadanho PedroVideos

Pedro Gadanho

I think the question of economy is fundamental. And I think that is one of the main issues when I suggest you the paradigm of trans-geographical knowledge exchange, which is a very strange way of saying that we have to find new models which really relate globally to the different forms of...

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Issue 2 - After After Viray ErwinVideos

Erwin Viray

Besides craftsmanship and sustainability, I think that a third paradigm could be the existence of fantasy, narrative and imagination, as a way to respond to the very hard post crisis conditions. It can be seen in some works of the young Japanese architects: I think it's very specific of Japan but...

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Issue 2 - After After de la Hoz RafaelVideos

Rafael de la Hoz

My main concern is if in the future we will repeat again the same mistakes we have made until now. Crisis is the opportunity to change our attitude and to make a reflection about how to change the future. For achieving this I think we need two things: a new model of development and education.


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