Issue 5 - Global Observatory Amunt, Baumgartner MarianneInterviews, Reviews

AMUNT - Sculpture and Void

by Marianne Baumgartner

AMUNT architects martenson und nagel thiessen were founded in 2005 as an architecture cooperation in Aachen and Stuttgart. Together they realised several small projects. Each project is approached with a critical examination. Topics such as energy efficiency or societal changes concerning habitation...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory AmuntEssays

18 Points

by Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen

1. Thinking from scratch helps to break new ground/question standards.

2. Historical foundations are good references. There is no future without a past.

3. It is helpful to integrate and evolve the existing.

4. Efficiency works against creativity.

5. The shortest path is...

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