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Praxis - Photo by Brigida Gonzales
22.10.2011 – Issue 5 - Global Observatory AmuntEssays

18 Points

by Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen

1. Thinking from scratch helps to break new ground/question standards.

2. Historical foundations are good references. There is no future without a past.

3. It is helpful to integrate and evolve the existing.

4. Efficiency works against creativity.

5. The shortest path is not always the best.

6. Building is not always the answer.

7. There is no recipe/method that leads to a good solution.

8. You have to sense what to do. Intuition is a helpful device.

9. Collaboration and the client‘s needs enrich a project.

10. There is nowhere that is not living space in a good home.

11. Spaces with character provide orientation and encourage identity.

12. Materials and forms are neither good nor bad.

13. Contradictions and contrasts are enriching.

14. Linking a project to the local context and the user raises its acceptance.

15. Architectonic/spatial value cannot be measured in money.

16. The quest for appropriateness is a constant guideline.

17. A coherent concept runs right through from A to Z.

18. The love and energy invested in a project make a difference.

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