Issue 3 - On GiacomettiIvanišin KrunoslavStudio

Interior landscape

Student: Nina Ozgur

This project is situated outside the structure of the village, just by the limit of the forest on the dark side of the Alpine valley which makes its major reference. Alienated from the artificial elements of the surrounding, it grows organically from nature, corresponding to its daily and yearly...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiWerder VanessaEssays, Studio

The Name of the Rose - The Monastic, Labyrinthine Library and a Comparison of its Illustration in the Book and the Movie

by Vanessa Werder

"Hunc mundum tipice laberinthus denotat ille ... Intranti largus, redeunti sed nimis artus.“

Alinardo of Grottaferrata in The Name of the...

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Issue 4 - Cinemade la Hoz Rafael, Arbid George, Primas UrsReviews, Studio, Videos


Final Review: George Arbid, Rafael de la Hoz and Urs Primas

We have proposed to design a building for the “Cineteca Svizzera” in the centre of Locarno in the Spring Semester 2011.

Located on the banks of Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps, the medieval town of Locarno hosts since 1946 the Festival del Film Locarno, one of the oldest film festivals...

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiSauter FlorianStudio

Breaking the Scale

Student Project: Xiong Sun

From the viewpoint of adaptation Xiong Sun’s project demonstrates that architecture does not solely operate within its immediate surroundings - the ever present contextual influences and bioclimatic factors - but can also provoke the engagement of a larger landscape, in this particular case the...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiVidegård MartinVideos, Studio

Learning from the Vernacular

Lecture by Martin Videgård

The work of Tham & Videgard answers to the architectural conditions that operate in every local context without any kind of heroic attitude. Avoiding the typical Postmodern rhetoric of the 1980s, their projects relate to vernacular approaches, where the problem of form is addressed not as language...

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiUrsprung Philip, Farrell Yvonne, Degelo HeinrichReviews, Studio, Videos

Giacometti Museum in Stampa

Final Review: Heinrich Degelo, Yvonne Farrell and Philip Ursprung

In the winter semester 2010, we have proposed to design a small exhibition building for the famous artist family from Stampa.

The museum is situated in the Bregaglia valley, where once one of the main trading routes crossing the Alps over the Septimer Pass began. The impressing physical presence...

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Issue 1 - After Crisis Steinemann RamiasReviews, Studio, Videos

ECO VALLEE - A new city at the heart of the French Riviera

by Ramias Steinemann

Situated In the river Var valley, tangent to Nice and close to strong existing communications hubs, the city is conceived as central rather than peripheral or suburban, accommodating new spaces for the knowledge economy, services, and year-round and seasonal housing.

In the Var valley context,...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiRamis TomeuStudio

Small or Big?

Student: Safia Hachemi

Safia Hachemi really tried to make a kind of big house, but without any kind of domesticity in the concept. It was like an enormous house in-between domestic and non-domestic, in-between connected and disconnected.

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Issue 7 - On CanettiSauter Florian, Aureli Pier Vittorio, Ramis TomeuVideos, Studio, Interviews

Text + Project

Interview with Pier Vittorio Aureli

Besides your practical activities, you have written a lot. Theory and Practice go sort of hand in hand. How would you differentiate or relate these two forms of architectural expression?

It is a good question. First of all I do not believe in the separation of theory and practice, which...

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