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Neanderthal Museum, Pilona, 2010
19.12.2012 – Issue 10 - In the DesertVeiga AlbertoVideos, Studio

Right Tone

Lecture by Alberto Veiga

Many of our projects deal with the question of character. If I were to use a metaphor then I would have to say that we are not interested in the language of architecture - no, we are interested in the tone of architecture. I believe that sometimes it is more important the way you speak than in fact how you use the elements that compose the language of architecture. So it is important for us to discover with every project where you have to scream, where you have to speak very low, where you have to be positive or where you have to be shy. It is obvious that sometimes you can and should not speak in two ways.

From a lecture given at ETH Zurich, Chair of Prof. Dr. Josep Lluis Mateo

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